Where Chefs Eat
The ultimate guide to where to eat by the real insiders
Where Chefs Eat
Not so long ago the idea of a restaurant guide based on chefs' recommendations would have seemed fanciful: chefs cooked and a cabal of restaurant critics and inspectors told us where to eat. Although that's still true, chefs have become empowered beyond their kitchens, while traditional restaurant criticism struggles to be heard over the din of an online world where everyone has a voice.

When it comes to searching for trusted restaurant recommendations amidst so much noise and chatter, turning to accomplished chefs makes perfect sense. Modern chefs are no longer chained to their stoves. In many ways they're better attuned to their local restaurant scenes than the average critic, and rarely travel abroad without where they're going to eat being at the top of their agenda.

When crowdsourcing, why not return to the source? that was the original logic behind Where Chefs Eat. In this book, we surveyed 630 leading international chefs who gave us recommendations in over 70 different countries - both where we've been before and new destinations.

—Joe Warwick, Contributing Editor
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