Where Bartenders Drink
Where the best bartenders go for the best drinks
Where Bartenders Drink
Over the past ten years, the cocktail scene has exploded around the globe. In some ways it's easy to see why: once you’ve tasted a great cocktail, you never go back.

Once there were only a handful of bars where you could get a proper Manhattan, now New York teems with them-and so do London and Paris, Tokyo and Singapore, Melbourne and Buenos Aires.

Even more excitingly, great cocktail bars are no longer only a thing of metropolitan cities, they’re cropping up in small towns and out-of-the-way places at a high rate. Slowly but surely the Old Fashioned has gone back to being a boozy whiskey drink instead of a fruit salad. Manhattans are stirred, not shaken. The Negroni has become a cocktail menu staple. People are rediscovering all kinds of spirits and liqueurs, and inventing new ones. It’s an exciting time to be a discerning drinker.

—Adrienne Stillman, Contributing Editor

In the footsteps of bestsellers Where Chefs Eat and Where to Eat Pizza - where the best bartenders go for the best drinks

Where Bartenders Drink is THE insider's guide. The best 300 expert drink-makers share their secrets - 750 spots spread across 60 countries - revealing where they go for a drink throughout the world when they're off-duty. Venues range from late-night establishments and legendary hotel bars to cosy neighbourhood 'locals' - and in some surprising locales. The 750 expert recommendations come with insightful reviews, key information, specially commissioned maps, and an easy-to-navigate geographical organization. It's the only guide you need to ensure that you get the best drinks in the most memorable global locations.