The Silver Spoon
The only resource for traditional Italian home cooking
The Silver Spoon
Eating is a serious matter in Italy. Cooking and food are among the finest expressions of Italian culture, vividly portraying the country's history, regions and traditions. The skills of Italian cooking are handed down from one generation to the next, and its unique character has come about through centuries of testing in family kitchens.

First published in 1950, Il cucchiaio d’argento (the silver spoon) has become the most successful cookbook in Italy. Experts were commissioned to collect hundreds of traditional recipes from throughout the country, including every regional speciality.

From its first appearance, the book immediately made its mark on the world of gastronomy and has been constantly updated, adapting the recipes and techniques to our modern lifestyle without losing the principles of authentic Italian cuisine.

The Silver Spoon series celebrates this wonderful heritage, and each cookbook explains a key aspect of authentic Italian cooking with hundreds of simple and traditional recipes.
Presenting The Silver Spoon, the bible of Italian home cooking

Giorgio Locatelli:
‘Throughout the years, I have seen chefs in many different kitchens refer to all types of cookery books. But Il cucchiaio d’argento is the only book that made it to my Mum’s kitchen. Most Italians consider this book their ‘Bible’ on home  cookery’.

Angela Hartnett:
‘The Silver Spoon was the first Italian cookery book I ever bought. It is an excellent reference for classical Italian recipes and I’m delighted that at last it is being translated into English.’

Gordon Ramsay:
‘The Silver Spoon is an amazing encyclopedia of Italian food – comprehensive and inspiring.’

Stefano de Pieri:
‘The Silver Spoon is an Italian classic that you can never get enough of, it represents the soul of Italian cookery.’

Stefano Manfredi:
‘Every cook who loves Italian food should have Il cucchiaio d’argento in their library. Not only is it indispensable as a recipe reference, but also as a source of inspiration.’

Gennaro Contaldo:
‘It’s my kitchen bible – I’ve had a copy for as long as I can remember’.