Jewish Artichoke

A recipe from The Silver Spoon
Recipe from The Silver Spoon
Recipe from The Silver Spoon

Preparation: 40 min 

Cooking: 25 minutes

Serves: 4 people


8 Roman / Globe artichokes

olive oil 



Young, whole, round (if possible), thornless artichokes are required for this dish. 

Break off the stems, discard the tough outer leaves and cut the tips off the others with a small sharp knife while holding the artichokes horizontally on a chopping board. They will be wide at the base and rounded at the top. 

Fill a wide, high-sided, cast-iron frying pan with enough olive oil to half-cover the artichokes and heat gently. 

Open out the leaves slightly and place the artichokes upright in the oil. 

Cook over a medium heat for 10–12 minutes, then increase the heat and turn the artichokes upside down. 

Cook for a further 10 minutes until they have turned golden brown and are crisp at the tips. 

Remove with a fish slice, taking care not to break them. 

Serve immediately, sprinkled with a pinch of salt.



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