Vegan: The Cookbook
You don't have to be vegan to enjoy it
At the root of it, vegan food is just food: vibrant, flavourful, fresh - making you feel good inside and out. Plant-based food is vital for our well being and can be accessible and appealing to everyone - from appetizers through to desserts.

Access to new ingredients from around the world such as the Mexican huitlacoche mushroom, Peruvian black corn, Brazilian caja, or Cuban apple guavas can excite and satisfy vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike while expanding your home kitchen repertoire.

The recipes in Vegan: The Cookbook are a celebration of plant vitality and variety. The possibilities are seemingly endless and delicious. Its author Jean-Christian Jury opened his La Mano Verde restaurant in Berlin on World Vegan Day - November 1, 2007, creating a new generation of dishes cooked with only plants: porcini, truffles, seaweed, and house-made vegan cheeses. Dishes incorporated wild and black rice in addition to basmati and jasmine.

"Before long, my new menu looked as exciting as any high-end restaurant that served meat," Jury says. "I created a vegan destination where people would travel just to eat. For years, my goal was to surprise non-vegans with delicious vegan recipes, to show that meat wasn't necessary for a delicious and satisfying meal." Indeed, when food is as fresh and as brimming with flavour as this, it will leave you feeling truly sated.

Vegan: The Cookbook

"Jean-Christian has long been a pioneer and visionary leader in the plant-based world. Vegan: The Cookbook brings to life the depth of experience, creativity and global approach that has defined his work over the last several years. I am glad to see these wonderful recipes shared with a world that has a growing interest in healthier, sustainable cuisine."—Chef Matthew Kenney

"There are more than half a million vegans in the UK, according to the Vegan Society. That's a whopping three and half times the number from 10 years ago. Veganism used to be considered a quirky, left-of-centre lifestyle choice; in 2017 it goes mainstream... [Vegan: The Cookbook] promises to be the definitive guide to vegan cooking."—The Independent

"The definitive and most comprehensive cookbook of traditional and authentic home cooking vegan dishes from 150 countries around the world."— Vegan Magazine

"A tour de force of vegan cuisine inspired by the culinary traditions from every corner of the globe."—