International Cookbooks
Explore the best food in the world without leaving your dinner table
Chinese cuisine
Indian cuisine
Mexican cuisine
Take a gustatory tour of the world and give your taste buds a treat with some of the most exotic, esoteric and tastiest cuisines on the planet today.

Phaidon's international cookery book range encompasses definitive guides that give you in words and sumptuous photographs a tangible taste of all a country has to offer, while teaching you how to create authentic versions of its many and varied regional dishes at home.

Alongside this they also offer in-depth investigations into the philosophies and motivations of some of the most famous and some of the most avant-garde chefs pushing the boundaries of world gastronomy today.
Celebrate the diversity of American food, state by state.
Authentic home-cooking breakfast dishes from around the world.
Travel the world and bring these amazing flavours home with this collection of nine bestselling international cookery bibles.
Gastronomically, it's better to think of China as a continent rather than a country. Discover how its varying terrain informs its recipes.
Understand the ingredients of the home of gastronomy, where the brigade de cuisine system and the world's first restaurant were founded.
From authentic traditional German dishes to contemporary cuisine.
Greece's history and culture are embedded in its cuisine which reveals a gastronomic tradition reaching back to the dawn of civilisation.
Our love of Indian food dates from the first millennium when a Greek envoy described sugar cane as 'Indian bamboo filled with honey'.
Probably the most popular cuisine on earth, Italian food is simple by design, with many dishes comprising less than 8 ingredients
Explore the iconic and regional dishes of Japan.
Lebanon's culinary scene is a mix of earthy peasant dishes from its mountain villages and cutting edge cuisine from its big cities.
On the national flag, an eagle devours a snake - a wild act of gastronomy demonstrating just how central food is to Mexican culture.
Some cuisines delight in the seasons, Nordic food is a delight in spite of them. Discover why preservation is key to its gastronomy.
Peru's varied climate enables pretty much any plant from around world to flourish: potatoes, beans, peanuts, pumpkins and quinoa.
Eating in Spain has always been a collective experience. But this doesn't mean all Spanish food is homely or rustic. Find out more.
A strikingly varied landscape; opulent religious heritage and lively cross-border influences have all influenced this rich cuisine.
The definitive cookbook of hearty, healthy Turkish cuisine.
"The definitive and most comprehensive cookbook of traditional and authentic home cooking vegan dishes from 150 countries around the world." —Vegan Magazine