Ferran Adrià
The former dishwasher who completely changed fine dining
Ferran Adria
By radically changing little bites of food -turning carrots into foam and beetroot into meringues - Ferran Adrià, head chef of el Bulli from 1987 until 2011, changed the way restaurants cook and serve food around the globe.

This artistically minded "deconstructive" approach, astounding in itself, is all the more remarkable when you consider Adrià - regarded today as the world's most influential chef - had a fairly normal upbringing.

The chef fell into catering, washing dishes at a hotel about a half hour drive from his home in the Barcelona suburbs. During his national service he cooked for the navy and later took a chef de partie position at a French-style restaurant, elBulli, or the Bulldog, in the tourist town of Roses on Spain's Costa Brava.

Taking over the kitchen in 1987, Ferran began to experiment, inflating a tomato with a bicycle pump, applying liquid nitrogen coconut milk and, in 2003, after visiting the food technology giant Griffiths Foods, creating his first spherical olive using - a ball of olive puree encased in an alginate skin.

Innovations such as these earned elBulli the top spot in the World's 50 Best Restaurants list on record five occasions, and are captured in his four Phaidon books: A Day at elBulli; elBulli 2005-2011; The Family Meal; and Reinventing Food Ferran Adrià.
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A Day at elBulli

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