Daniel Burns
The math-loving chef who added beer to fine dining
Daniel Burns
By radically changing little bites of food -turning carrots into foam and beetroot into meringues - Ferran Adrià, head chef of el Bulli from 1987 until 2011, changed the way restaurants cook and serve food around the globe.

Something about Daniel Burns doesn't quite add up. The Canadian-born chef graduated from university with a dual honours in Mathematics and Philosophy. Yet, a few years later he decided against entering academia, and instead opted for a life in the kitchens.

Landing cheffing positions at the Fat Duck in Britain, St. John in London; Noma in Copenhagen; and Momofuku in New York, he developed a precise, pioneering style of cookery, as well a reputation for trying new things and an appreciation for craft beer.

In 2015, his Brooklyn restaurant Luksus became the first place in history to receive a Michelin star without offering a single bottle of wine to accompany its dishes. Instead, this miniscule place, tucked away at the back of the Torst beer bar, paired its remarkable food with equally noteworthy beers from around the world. In Luksus, Torst, and in his debut cookbook, Food & Beer, co-authored with brewer Jeppe Janit-Bjergsø, Burns matches great dishes with the perfect brews, be it a sour lambic beer to match a flank steak salad, a Berliner Weisse with a meat and cheese plate, or a heavy stout with an equally substantial malt and chocolate ice cream. Stout for dessert? That might like an unwelcome addition, yet in Burns' hands, it all equals out beautifully.
Daniel Burns
Daniel Burns' delicious dishes
Daniel Burns
Behind-the-scenes at Luksus and Tørst
Inside Luksus & Tørst with Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø and Daniel Burns
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Chef Lab: Chef Daniel Burns
Luksus Cuisine and Beer Pairing with Chef Daniel Burns

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A 75-recipe book from an internationally acclaimed chef/brewer duo dedicated to elevating and pairing beer with high-end dining.