Andoni Luis Aduriz
The mad professor of global gastronomy
He has developed a range of gourmet seasoning sprays; he has created a chocolate bubble dessert using xantham gum and a fish tank pump; he has worked on plug-in device and app that allows users to send smells over their phone handsets. If there's one chef that has taken the wildest ideas that Ferran Adria developed at elBulli and pushed them even further it's fellow Spanish gastronome Andoni Luis Aduriz.

What makes Aduriz's achievements all the more remarkable is that, he only found discovered his near-academic zeal for research and development, after dropping out of school aged 14. Catering college, followed by a stint at elBulli ignited his enthusiasm for gastronomic experimentation.

The chef founded his own restaurant in a rural farmhouse twenty minutes outside his hometown of San Sebastian in 1998, calling it Mugaritz. The name comes from the Basque words for 'border oak', refers to a tree in the grounds that marks local geographical divisions, and highlights the chef's deep connection the local environment. The 24 dish tasting menu, including such creations as gelatinous chicken mille-feuille and toasted soup of oxidised wine, prove that elBulli's experimental legacy remains in good hands. Find out more about his food, life and outlook in Mugaritz: A Natural Science of Cooking.
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This is the first-ever book in English on Mugaritz, the gound-breaking restaurant in Northern Spain