A fruit basket that takes its design from citric acid molecules

When life gives you lemons, why not make a fruit holder based on the molecular structure of citric acid?
Sara Ivanyi, Particle
Fruit arranged as atoms in a citric acid molecule
Sara Ivanyi, Particle
Fruit arranged as atoms in a citric acid molecule

Last week at Sofia Design Week in Bulgaria, the latest work of Sara Ivanyi was unveiled (10-18 June). Particle was created for London-based DesignMarketo's project Lemonade For All, a collection of specially-commissioned products made by a selection of international designers revolving around lemons and lemonade, which launched throughout the week. 

This year Sofia Design Week sought to demonstrate how design 'solves problems, makes life easier, adds a flavor to the world, and expresses the true self of its consumer as much as it expresses the one of its creator'.

DesignMarketo showcased their zest for design unveiling products through a series of lemon-based events. The company helps up-and-coming designers to reach a wide audience, as well as allowing anyone in the world to buy clever and interesting products. Citric designed products were launched with a series of free workshops including lemon powered light making and lemon bread. Also on offer, free lemonade and a cooking course.

Sara Ivanyi of Amsterdam-based design studio, Form Follows Freedom, designed a 13-piece set to hold fruit arrangements featuring a part for every atom in the citric acid molecule, the essence of the lemon. 'Fruits become the atoms in their own molecular component - citric acid connects all fruit,' Ivanyi explains, 'in biochemistry, it is involved in the citric acid cycle, an important stage in the metabolism of almost all living things.' Particle perfectly embodies the theme of the week showing how from our molecular make-up to our fruit arrangements, good design is all around us.


For more photos of Ivanyi's intelligent design follow the link to designboom.

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