Phaidon's great way to start the day

A cute video featuring the genius of Paul Rand - the man who made corporate America cool




Best known for his corporate logo designs, including those for IBM, UPS, Enron, and ABC, Brooklyn-born Paul Rand pretty much single-handedly proved to America that graphic design was an effective marketing tool (the changing of his name Peretz Rosenbaum to Paul Rand – “to create a symbol, four letters here, four letters there” was merely the first step on the journey). 

In a career marked by numerous firsts, Rand became one of the originators of the Swiss Style of graphic design (with its emphasis on cleanliness, readability and objectivity) and this rather clever video - to enjoy while you sip on your morning coffee - is a great entry point into his world. When you want to go further, there’s an excellent Paul Rand monograph in the store. Oh, and by the way, this guy says he owes everything to Rand. 



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